Submission Rules

Ordistorians is an Art Directory dedicated to creaing Blockchain History through Memetics, which will be permanently saved on the Bitcoin Blockchain via Inscriptions. We welcome submissions from artists who wish to participate and have their art included in the directory.

Once your art is accepted into the directory, the cost will be the BURNING of 5000 $OGB BRC-20 tokens.

You may use any Burn address for submission. However, bonus points are awarded for using the following Ethereum addresses:
  • 1BurnDaNK476q5h7vW3BTdqKpKu65SKbe
  • 1BurnPepexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAK33R

Submission Rules:
  1. Submissions should be crypto-relevant, featuring either historical or current persons/events. Current events may be prioritized over other submissions, but entries outside the theme may also be accepted at our discretion.
  2. Artwork must be Dank and incorporate Memetics.
  3. Proposals should be in a 10:13 aspect ratio. We support any resolution.
  4. Artists will be responsible for inscribing their own art.
  5. It is not required to inscribe art prior to acceptance into the directory, as it could be costly if rejected.
  6. All submissions must be NSFW.
  7. Do not release artwork before it is included in the directory.
  8. Can incorporate a Physical Piece with your inscription for all you Physical Artist